Mikhail Moiseev
Mikhail Moiseev is Chairman of the Russian Union of Veterans since 2012, Inspector General of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation since 2016, General of the Army, Doctor of Military Sciences. In 1988−1991 he was Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR and First Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR. He participated in the command, organization and rearmament of Russia's Armed Forces, took part in formation of international treaties on the limitation of offensive and conventional weapons between the USSR and the USA. In 1988 he headed the development and implementation of the strategic plan for the withdrawal of the 103,000 contingent of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. In the 2000s, he served as a member of the Board of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a deputy of the State Duma, deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans' Affairs. Starting his army service as an armor platoon commander he advanced to the post of the army commander. He was born in 1939 in the Amur Region.
Stand up for the truth about the war, save the world from disaster!
The Great Patriotic War with the Nazi invaders left a deep mark on the historical memory of our people. For us, the children of the war, the heirs of the Great Victory, the war became a hard test for survival, test for the preservation of the very possibility of the existence of Slavic peoples, and human civilization as a whole.

In a severe, bloody struggle, the Soviet people defended their national sovereignty and their homeland. Having defeated the strike forces of world reaction, the Soviet Union and its Red Army carried out a historical liberation mission in Europe and Asia, making a decisive contribution to the salvation of European and global civilization.

Three quarters of a century separate us from the Victory over fascism. The farther this event goes down in history, the more its significance is felt in the global public conscience. The Second World War is undoubtedly an epoch-making period in the history of mankind. Fascism was liquidated in Germany itself and in a number of European countries. This war was a warning to human civilization about a possible disaster that could lead to the destruction of the human kind. It still remains a lesson for us, living today.

In the modern world, torn by informational confrontation, progressive peace-loving forces have to defend the truth about the war, about victory, and fight back against resurgent fascism, racism and extremism.

The closer the anniversary of Victory, the fiercer ideological struggle becomes. The main blow is delivered by our enemies to the historical truth about the war: the contribution of the Soviet Union to the Victory over fascism is questioned.
For us and our friends the key role of the Soviet Union in the defeat of the Third Reich was evident. We never thought someone could challenge it
Historical truth is the basic value for us, a kind of brace both for the society and the state. Falsifications, rewriting of history inevitably aims to destroy our national unity, friendship between peoples, causes distrust of the authorities. It is fundamentally important that this concept is reflected in amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation introduced in March 2020.

In the days of May of 1945, the Soviet Union was unconditionally recognized as the main victor. But in subsequent years, some voices started to call for the revision of the results of World War II. We have witnessed global changes in the assessment of the war’s outcome all over the world.

Paying due tribute to our allies, I want to mark that the victory in World War II was achieved by the joint efforts of the countries participating in the anti-Hitler coalition. Significant contribution to it was done by the Western allies, defeating and capturing 176 enemy divisions.

However, the principal war effort was carried by the great Soviet people. For almost four years, the bulk of the forces and capacity of Nazi Germany were focused on the Soviet-German front.

At any given time during the war, 190 to 270 of the most combat-ready divisions of the fascist bloc simultaneously fought against the Soviet troops, that makes more than three-quarters of their total combat forces. Losses of the USSR in the war amounted to 26.6 million people. The occupiers completely or partially destroyed and burned 1,710 cities and townships, over 70 000 villages. The amount of damage inflicted on the Soviet Union amounted to 679 billion in 1945's rubles. Losses of the Red Army in types of weapons amounted to 96,500 tanks and self-propelled guns, 317,500 guns and mortars, 88,300 combat aircraft.

As a result of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the prestige of the USSR in the world grew immeasurably, its ties with other states expanded. The Soviet Union emerged from the war as a strengthened and powerful superpower, having a decisive influence on the whole shape of the post-war world.
History shows, that we must fight against the war before it breaks out. This requires the unity of all peace-loving forces. Military danger must be opposed constantly, persistently and decisively
At present, falsification of the history of World War II has become a universal trend. Dozens of states, hundreds of international public organizations are drawn into its orbit. World public opinion is under pressure from hostile propaganda.

Utterly cynical is the Resolution of the European Parliament "On Historical Memory" of September 19, 2019, where Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union are made equally responsible for unleashing the Second World War. Often the initiators of hatred of everything Soviet are nationalist states: Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic countries.

The policies and strategies of the former Allies in the Anti-Hitler Coalition are guided by a common goal: discrediting Russia in the eyes of the world community, undermining the country’s international authority, destroying its achievements, national dignity and self-belief. That is why the USSR, as the main victor in the war against fascism, does not fit in the concept.

In the post-war period, the USSR was recognized as a great power, took a seat in the UN Security Council and other international organizations. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the surrender of many positions in the economy and the military-political sphere, the Russian Federation lost much of its status in the international community. This has radically affected relations with the United States and other countries of the Western Alliance. In fact, the world has become unipolar, led by the United States.

In the 21st century, the Western world did not expect such a dynamic revival of Russia. The unity of people, faithfulness to our history allowed the country to be reborn and again enter the arena of the struggle against the ideology of hatred and militarism, for peace and international solidarity.

In 2015 the Russian Union of Veterans initiated the creation of a new international organization, the Commonwealth of Anti-Fascist Organizations — the Anti-Fascist Front, determining principal lines of struggle against the revival of Nazism and fascism.

The international veteran community now has an organization whose goal is to consolidate the progressive forces of the world in the fight against fascism, as the principal source of war. A significant contribution to the common cause of the fight against Nazism and religious extremism is made by the International Organization of Resistance Fighters (FIR), the World Federation of War Veterans (FMAC-WVF) and the International Confederation of Former Prisoners of War (ICFPW). We work with them.

The heirs of German Nazism and Italian fascism, neo-Nazis and neo-fascists of the 21st century, are doing everything to erase the crimes of their predecessors from the minds of people. Falsification of facts, lies, slander, justification of crimes — everything is used to make people doubt the atrocities of the Nazis, turn them into mere limp "zombies".

In a number of countries, the toppling of Soviet monuments and memorials is gaining momentum, the process of "decommunization" is intensifying. The leaders of these trends are again the same nationalistic countries. In those corners extremists of all kinds made their venomous nests.

The world veteran community is actively involved in struggle for peace, for the prevention of historical revenge of Nazi and pro-fascist forces. And here the Russian veterans — heirs of the Great Victory — serve as a powerful force capable of uniting national units of veterans of the former Soviet Union, countries of Eastern Europe, international anti-fascist organizations into a monolithic anti-fascist Union, an International capable of resisting the revival of fascism and preserving peace.

The Russian Union of Veterans is consistently pursuing a course on the consolidation of the veterans movement. We are confident that veterans' organizations united by a common goal are able to effectively solve the problems facing society, not only today, but also in the future.

We pay principal attention to the upbringing of citizens of the Russian Federation as internationalists, strengthening friendship between peoples. Only a true patriot of the Motherland can actively oppose the manifestations of nationalism, uphold the principles of internationalism and friendship between nations.

Our historical mission lies in the upbringing of youth on positive, heroic examples of selfless service to the Motherland. It was granted to us, the first post-war generation, by the founders of the country’s first veteran organization — the Soviet Committee of War Veterans (SCWV). In September 2020, we will mark the 64th anniversary of SCWV creation and the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

And now, together with all our people, we will celebrate the glorious anniversary of the Victory over the cruelest and most dangerous enemy for the whole world — German Nazism. In the same anniversary year, we will summarize the results of the national program "Patriotic Upbringing of Citizens of the Russian Federation for 2016−2020".

In the days remaining before the celebration, we will once again call to memory the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, heartily thank them for the Victory, wish them good health and long, active years of life, a peaceful sky above. We also address these wishes to the participants of the project "In Honor of the Victory", to all visitors of the site.

Congratulations on the Great Victory, friends!
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