Lydia Mikheeva
Lydia Mikheeva is the President of the Russian Civic Chamber, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. She is also the Chairman of the Council of the Sergey Alekseev’s Research Center for Private Law under the President of the Russian Federation. She is a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Codification and Improvement of Civil Legislation and Scientific Advisory Councils under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the Federal Notary Chamber and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. She is also a member of the Higher Examination Commission for the admission of the qualification exam for the position of judge. Lydia Mikheeva has participated in the development of many federal laws, primarily in the area of civil legislation. Since 2004, she has been a teacher at the Russian School of Private Law and is a member of the Dissertation Council at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Lydia Mikheeva is Doctor of Law, Professor, author of more than 150 publications.
Welcome from the President of Russia’s Civic Chamber
2020 was declared the Year of Memory and Glory in Russia in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Three quarters of a century has passed since the liberation of the world from Nazism, but the memory of this terrible war and the Victory, obtained at heavy price, lives in all generations of Russians. Today, the world community faces the task of preserving the historical memory of these events and passing it on as an invaluable moral principled heritage to new generations.

Unfortunately, recently there have been more and more attempts to falsify military history. Political opponents have been trying to reconsider the role of the Soviet Union in the Victory in the Second World War, to wipe out from world history the fact that it was the Red Army and the Soviet Union that took the main blow of the Nazi attack, withstood it and, through a superhuman feat, destroyed the threat to the humanity.

This falsification of history offends the memory of those people who died during the Second World War on the battlefield, at the home front, in concentration camps. The whole world should have learned from the war and prevented the recurrence of such events.

The Russian Civic Chamber regularly advocates the preservation of historical memory on the world stage and defends the key role of our country in defeating the Third Reich. Today we launch the portal "Honoring the Victory" where prominent political and public personalities, diplomats and historians from all over the world present historical facts, talk about the troubles and suffering caused by Nazism and fascism to their countries and to all humanity. The authors of the portal analyze the risks of revival of fascism and other ultra-right ideologies in order to develop a strategy of joint struggle against them.

The project "Honoring the Victory" will be a source of objective assessment of events, will unite the efforts of different countries around the world to counter revisionism in respect of the results of World War II. Our goal is to prevent the revival of far-right ideologies that propagate hatred and violence in any form.

The Civic Chamber advocates for all efforts of preservation of historical heritage and promotion of ideology of peace and constructive cooperation. Therefore, we actively support movements in Russia and in the world aimed at preserving the memory of the Great Victory.

We are sincerely grateful to all Russians and residents of other countries who, year after year, take part in the march of the "Immortal Regiment", carrying portraits of soldiers who liberated the world from fascism through the streets of cities around the world.

The movements of "Victory volunteers" and people who search for missing persons fallen during the war deserve much support and respect. These movements mostly consist of young people who are passionate about the history of their homeland and the great feat of their grandfathers.

To remember the war is to prevent any attempts to start a war in the future.
On the use of information

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