About the project
The Victory is as important to us today as it was three quarters of a century ago. We will not allow revisionism of the heroic role of the Soviet people in World War II. We share the same ideals: the struggle against fascism, racism, anti-Semitism and other ideologies of hatred, against militarism, for international solidarity, for the preservation of peace, for social justice, humanist values and democracy in the interests of all and each country’s people.

For the 75th anniversary of the Victory, we at the Russian Civic Chamber planned to hold a large-scale international conference. The coronavirus pandemic did not allow us to gather in Moscow, so we moved the discussion online and invited participants to publish the texts of their speeches.

Here prominent political and public figures, diplomats, historians and university professors from all over the world declare their principled positions. They describe the suffering that Nazism and fascism had inflicted onto their peoples. They assess the attempts to revise the role of the Soviet Union in the Victory in World War II. They analyze the risks of the revival of fascism and other ultra-right ideologies and chart the course to fight them.

This is a project of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Institute of Foreign Policy Research and Initiatives.
On the use of information

All materials on this website are available under license from Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International and may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.

Demonstration of Nazi and fascist paraphernalia or symbols on this resource is related only to the description of the historical context of the events of the 1930−1940s, is not its propaganda and does not justify the crimes of fascist Germany.